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The beauty of a textured piece lies in the depth it provides to the setting in which it is placed. Texture in furniture and decor refers to materials such as wood and textiles – items that have movement and pattern.




Why you should consider collecting one of the oldest and most-beloved decorative arts.

Sometimes you don’t set out to find your next category of collectibles—it finds you.

Such was the case for Diane Sedo, a longtime collector of household items from the 1930s and ’40s. When she was in her early twenties, Diane came home one day to find her recently deceased  grandmother’s vintage pottery lying in the rock yard, destined for the dumpster. Diane rescued the pieces and lovingly cleaned and displayed them, igniting what would become a lifelong passion for vintage pottery. Here we look at the history of behind some of her favorite pieces and give you ideas for displaying your collection.


Before you toss these 5 flea-market castoffs, rethink creative ways to revive them

Vintage Lace

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—but maybe you’ve called something trash too soon before you’ve realized an item’s potential. We’ve all seen vintage jeans at flea markets for a dime a dozen or have a tattered pair we never wear that are destined for the dumpster. So why not find a way to turn them into home décor as a Bohemian-style rug and save them from life at a landfill? Or turn lace into a romantically elegant new lampshade. The possibilities are endless when you start thinking outside the box. Here are 5 easy projects to get you started with items you might already own.


Birds of Paradise


Inspiration for your next collectibles display might be closer than you think—right outside your door.

For artist and interior designer Trish Grantham, flora and fauna themes can be found throughout her vibrant home, from the dazzling wall display of paintings in the dining room to a collection of bird figurines perched on her closet shelf. Here, we’ll explore how you can bring these fresh, nature-inspired ideas into your spaces.


Cool beige and soft mauve clad a condo home in classic chic


Having worked as the head computer operator in the laboratory department of St. Joseph Hospital in La Veta, California for many years, Tess O. decided that upon retiring she would return to her native Philippines. Before making the move back to Manila in December 2014, her daughter-in-law coordinated the renovation of what would be Tess’ new home, a 45 square-meter one-bedroom unit at the BSA Twin Towers in Mandaluyong, with interior designer Rock Robins. To welcome Tess back home, Rock designed an open space with a primarily beige color scheme and mauve accents. Entering the unit on one of the upper floors of the residential tower, a bright sun-flooded home welcomes us. The design theme is classic, elegant and distinctly feminine. Wooden laminate dresses the floor throughout the unit.


Ten tips for an ironclad lease agreement

condo pre-nup

If you’re jumping on the condo investment bandwagon with the intention to lease out your units and fetch rental income, protecting yourself (and your unit) from a lot of grief in the end can be addressed with a sound lease agreement. Like it or not, renting out your unit will expose you to a variety of clients. Some renters may be easy-breezy to rent out to, some aren’t. And while a lot of factors cannot be helped, such is the nature of the condo rental game. Below are ten useful tips to keep in mind when creating your lease contracts. Remember, LEASE RIGHT!